I am sick at heart. How long,
O Lord, until you restore me?

Psalm 6

New Yorkers constantly hurry past Old St. Patrick Church in Soho. Many seem happy, others look solemn, occupied, unmindful of their surroundings. Happy or occupied, many of them are souls hungering for love, thirsting for warmth, yearning for peace. They have braved the city that never sleeps, have given much to be on top of the heap. Souls in pain…. Who would know what’s in their hearts? Who feels their pain? Who understands their desires?

Come to New York! Be a joyful presence on the street, a witness to Christ’s love! Come and be the voice of the One who knows what’s in their hearts…….the One who hears their sobbing and knows what they need. With the Holy Spirit, be the loving arms to lead them back home to where Christ’s mercy will restore them…..To the Lord whose unfailing love will rescue them. Come! Be the happy Christian face that will brighten the day!

Be bold! 
Be Catholic!
Be a joyful missionary!

Adult and family mission SIGN UP for Holy Week  NO COST

Mission Headquarters

St Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Soho 263 Mulberry St, corner of Prince and Mott

Volunteers needed

Street missionaries: man a street corner in SoHo/Little Italy, paired with one to three other missionaries. Greet passerbys, hand out a flyer with information on the Holy Week services and, if they appear interested, describe the services available, including the sacrament of Confession.

Street missionary helper: walk with people the street missionaries have identified and who want to go to Confession, help them find the Church courtyard and introduce them to one of the greeters in the courtyard.

Mission coordinator: man Mission HQ, greet missionaries as they come in and, using a predetermined map of missionary locations, give them their assignments. Give the missionaries a short explanation of the job, how things are going so far, and if possible, a short meditation to inspire them.

Runner: work with the Mission Coordinator in HQ, checking in on the missionary stations in the neighborhood, making sure people are where they need to be and that they are properly supplied.

Church greeter: is stationed in the courtyard outside the Church, greeting people who have been sent in by the missionaries or wandered in on their own. There will be “Guide to Confession” cards to pass out, and answer questions as needed for those seeking help preparing for Confession. Guide people to the various Confession stations in the Church and ensure none of the lines is getting too long.

Mission store: man the mission store at Mission HQ, handing out equipment and taking in contributions.

Days needed

Monday, Apr 15th – 4:30-7pm Confessions/evangelization, 7pm Mass, 7:30 Reception

Tuesday, Apr 16th – 4:30-7pm Confessions/evangelization, 7pm Mass, 7:30 Reception

Wednesday, Apr 17th – 4:30-7pm Confessions/evangelization, 7pm Mass, 7:30 Reception

Holy Thursday, Apr 18th – 3:30-6:45 Confessions/evangelization, 7:30pm Mass followed by Adoration

Good Friday, Apr 19th – 12pm-8pm Confessions, 3pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, 4:30pm The Way of the Cross

Holy Saturday, Apr 20th – 2pm-7:45pm Confessions/evangelization, 8pm The Great Easter Vigil

Other ways to help

Join us in prayer either at home or at the Holy Week Ceremonies at St Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Soho

Questions? events@regnumchristinyctnj.org or call 914 244 3685