Pope Francis, Evangelii Gauidium 273

My mission of being in the heart of the people is not just a part of my life or a badge I can take off; it’s not an “extra” or just another moment in life.  Instead, it is something I cannot uproot from my being without destroying my very self.  I am a mission on this earth; that is the reason why I am here in this world.

NYC Missions in NYC | St Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Soho  |  BLOG

San Gennaro Mission:  September 2018

Reconciliation Monday:  December 2018

Ash Wednesday Mission:  February 14, 2018

Holy Week Mission:  March 25-31, 2018

Missionaries are needed to greet people on the street, offer them a Rosary and let them know there are priests in the Confessional. All are welcome, everyone has a gift to give street evangelizer, walk people to church, church greeter, youth chaperone, prayer, childcare, mission store manager: adults, couples, youth and families all needed. “Are you Catholic?” is what we ask and then see where the Holy Spirit leads. What are you doing for Holy Week?  MORE INFO

NYC Holy Week Youth Mission  |  Mar 28-31, 2018