Fr Stephen Dyas, LC, was born in Pennsylvania on January 7, 1976. He grew up in Illinois until he joined the minor seminary in New Hampshire in 1989. He began his two year novitiate in Cheshire, CT in 1993, and from there continued studies in Rome. After doing two years of internship in New Hampshire and two years in Ontario, Canada, he returned to Rome to get a master’s degree in Philosophy, and then began his Theology studies in 2004, until he was ordained a priest on December 22, 2007. Since being ordained a priest Fr. Stephen has worked in minor seminaries run by the Legion in France and Canada. The past four years he helped out at a private school and a parish in Montreal, Quebec, all the while working with members of his spiritual family, Regnum Christi. Fr. Stephen loves sports, and is very happy to serve the Church now in the Tri-State area. Fr Stephen is the Lumen Chaplain and assisting with adult formation in the New York and Bridgeport dioceses.

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