Fr. Jose Felix Ortega was born in Valencia, Spain. As a kid he was part of ECYD and later he joined the Apostolic School in Moncada (Spain). He did his Novitate and two years of Classical Studies in Salamanca. He did four years of internship working in a Legionary School in Mexico City. He studied Philosophy and Theology in Rome, where he earn his Master Degree in Philosophy, Bachelors in Theology. He has also a Master Degree in Bioethics, Master Degree in Finances and Master Degree in Accounting. Currently he is a Doctoral Candidate in Fordham University where he studied in the Graduate Religious School for Religious Education. He was the Territorial Administrator for the Legion in North America and Asia for 12 years, and currently since October 2014 he is the Pastor of St. Peter’s Church in Yonkers, NY.