Fr Eric Nielsen, LC grew up in Seattle, WA with an older brother Bill. After attending Shoreline Community College for two years he entered the Legion of Christ seminary in Cheshire, CT.

“My call was the result of a lot of little things. If I were to nail it down to one thing I would say it was the Rosary that opened me to the call. Then I met Fr. Edward Hopkins in 1991, and the rest is history.”

As a seminarian Fr Eric dedicated himself mostly to fund-raising.  He was ordained Dec 24th, 2005, and upon finishing a Licentiate in Theology, went to help found the Legion in Manila as a first priestly assignment. For eight years he functioned as Young Men’s Section Director, and also worked with the youth in the ECYD, Experiences, Convictions, and Your Decisions, program for four of those years. His final year in Manila Fr Eric was named chaplain of Everest Academy.  He then served at St Peter’s Church in Yonkers, NY where he dedicated himself primarily to Youth Ministry and to the English-Speaking Community in a largely Hispanic parish.

Fr Eric is now in Cheshire, CT at the Legion of Christ College and Novitiate where he will serve in Development work and as assistant chaplain to RC. He sees the two capacities going hand in hand.  “Our mission is to help accompany and form Christian leaders to evangelize society, and development work is really accompanying a certain segment of society to exercise their leadership and God-given talents by engaging in the mission financially, as well as through their prayer and day-to-day relationships.”

Fr Eric feels privileged to live in the seminary, which is truly the “heart of the Legion of Christ,” and the crown jewel of our presence here in the USA.

Regnum Christi Spotlight –  introducing Fr Eric Nielsen, LC