SAHLERcoupleBrad and Susan Sahler are proud new members of the Regnum Christi family! They incorporated together on the feast of Christ the King on November 23, 2014. It was such a special day, being surrounded by so many wonderful Legionaries of Christ, consecrated men & women, and RC lay members. At their sides that day were their dear friends, BJ and Jeannine Agugliaro, who have been their mentors and have guided them through a deeper understanding of what it means to be Regnum Christi by their beautiful example.

Brad and Susan have been married for 22 years and live in Basking Ridge, NJ with their two high school aged children, Brandon (17) and Sabrina (15). It was actually Sabrina’s involvement with the girls’ Challenge Club, going back almost 6 years ago now, which first introduced the family to Regnum Christi. Challenge became a special part of Sabrina’s life, and the rest of the family benefited along the way as well as they all got to know the consecrated women who came to share their wisdom and spiritual inspiration with the girls of the club. Sabrina is now a team leader, and Susan’s appreciation for the program led her to become more involved as well, first as a member of the governing AFIRE team for the Central NJ Challenge Club, and now this year has taken over the role of president.

SAHLERfamilyThe Sahler family has also become involved with the mission work at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Soho, NY. Their first experience involved all of them getting out and evangelizing on the streets on a snowy day in December 2013. They were so moved by the experience, they decided they all wanted to be a part of the following year’s Holy Week Mission. Brandon and Sabrina attended the Youth Mission for the week, and Brad and Susan joined in along with them as chaperones. This year, the whole family will once again be involved with this wonderful mission week.
Susan works part time as a head teacher at a local Christian preschool. She has also spent many years volunteering in different capacities with the youth of her parish of St. James, Basking Ridge as a high school share group facilitator (along w/Brad), CCD teacher, retreat mentor, and chaperone for summer mission trips. She enjoys participating in the women’s ministry of St. James, as well as some of the bible studies offered. Currently she is attending the Walking With Purpose program in Chatham, NJ, along with some of her new RC friends.

Brad is an Executive Director of Treasury Management for JPMorgan Chase Bank, responsible for the NJ/Philadelphia and Mid Atlantic Commercial Bank Middle Markets. He too has spent time volunteering with the youth programs at St. James, as well as spending eight years coaching both boys’ and girls’ soccer teams, where he was able to use the opportunities to be a positive influence for the kids on his teams, both on and off the field.

Both Brad and Susan have each recently attended their first RC triduums, where they have had the opportunity to meet more of the members of the movement. This time with them, as well as the wonderful Legionaries of Christ, has further solidified with them that they are in the perfect place to further their spiritual growth and share their faith with others. They both look forward to the opportunities ahead!

February 2015