VerickersJoe and Nancy Vericker have been married for 31 years and reside in Scarsdale, New York. They will be incorporated into Regnum Christi on November 23. They have four children: Elizabeth, 28, J.P. 25, Molly, 22, and Grace,14. Lizzy, a kindergarten teacher, and her husband, Michael Kmetzo, who works at Wisdom Tree Investments, attended the “Three to Get Married” program before their wedding a year ago. J.P. is an alcohol and substance abuse counselor who counsels individuals and families struggling with this disease, and suggests appropriate programs suited to their needs. Molly is a college student and a teacher’s aide in the Scarsdale School district. Grace, adopted from China in 2002, is a happy and talented 8th grader at Scarsdale Middle School.

Nancy runs the High School of Religion at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Scarsdale. She holds a MA from Fordham University in Religious Education with a specialty in Spiritual Direction. She is a former reporter at Gannett Newspapers. Joe works as a professional corporate photographer in his business, PhotoBureau Inc. He has photographed St. John Paul II in 1995, as well as spending three days with Pope Benedict when he visited New York in April 2008. (These two assignments were his most memorable by far, despite photographing seven US Presidents and many celebs and CEOs)

Nancy and Joe are active in the C4 group (Catholic Couples, Cocktails and Christ), which has been a tremendously wonderful renewal and faith catalyst for both of them. They got involved in the RC movement through Nancy’s two years in the Walking with Purpose program, where Nancy is a Team Leader. She is a longtime Catechist and former President of the Parish Council. Joe participates in the H3 group (Holy Happy Hour) for men, which meets every month in Rye. They both participated in the Pathway to a Blessed Marriage program. Val and Jeff Sprague have been their mentors and inspiration during this journey.

Nancy enjoys gardening in her spare time. Joe enjoys golf and boating and together they enjoy renovating old homes. They look forward to continuing to grow in the RC movement, and continuing to make Jesus Christ the center of their marriage, their family and their world.

November 2014