Regnum Christi Men’s Task Force |  May 5-7
A Gospel for Men – How Jesus Changes Everything

To keep pace with societal change, there is a critical need for the Movement to update its approaches to reach and engage young men.

Our objective is to document best practices and new ideas with a focus on attracting younger men to the Movement.  This is a Regnum Christi Task Force commissioned by the Regnum Christi Territorial Committee (RCTC).

Friday – Sunday, May 5-7
LC Novitiate, 475 Oak Avenue, Cheshire, CT  06410
$150.00 (a contribution to the novitiate)
Make checks payable to Legion of Christ College
Clark Zentner 403-804-2184

Holy Happy Hour  |  May 10, Jun 21  |  LC community house

Join the Legionary fathers and Jeffrey Sprague for snacks/light dinner the Legionary community house in Rye.  Fr Steven Reilly, LC will offer a brief talk followed by group discussion.