Bethany Evenings for Diocesan Priests  |  Feb 16, 2017  |  Cheshire, CT

Come for a special evening for Diocesan Priests to reflect, renew and reconnect.  Evenings are on Thursdays, begin at 6pm and include a reflection, dinner and fellowship.

Dates:  Feb 16, Mar 9, Apr 6, May 11 and Jun 8

Location:  Legionaries of Christ, 475 Oak Avenue, Cheshire, CT.

Contact:  Fr Walter Schu, LC or 203.200.8203.

Spiritual Exercises for Diocesan  Priests  |  Oct 16-20, 2017

Rekindle the fire of your love for Christ with a five day Ignatian retreat hosted by the Legionaries of Christ, 475 Oak Avenue, Cheshire, CT. Preached by: Fr. Kermit Syren, LC Cost: $200 Contact: 203-271-0805 to Register.

Spiritual Renewal Course for Priests in the Holy Land

In accordance with the Magisterium of the Church, The Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and The Sacerdos Institute, under the patronage of The Congregation for the Clergy, have organized the first course of priestly renewal in Jerusalem and are offering it to priests from all over the world. Priestly holiness is the fulcrum of the new evangelization in the third millennium, since the priest is the bridge between God and man.

This course aims at renewing the priestly character received at ordination, and is going to be held in the very place where Christ instituted the priesthood. In this way, it is hoped that the course will be a fountain of grace, a restoring experience and a vigorous motivation for the life and ministry of every priest. view brochure

YEAR 2017
July 17th to August 5th

YEAR 2018
January 15th to February 3rd
July 16th to August 4th

For more information contact Eliane Abdinnour: or go to